Do I need to book an appointment at a PPP Laser Clinic?

To make sure that you will be served as soon as you come to our clinics, we encourage all patient to contact to hotline: 0967.070.0700962.070.070 to book a appointment before proceeding to your preferred clinic.

How long will queue time take?

Since our clinics operate on a walk-in basis, queue times will differ between different clinics, days and time of day. Please check for queue status and last ticket issuance to help you manage your time better. Please note any points redeemed at a clinic are strictly not refundable, so you should be confident that you have the time to wait for your treatment before taking a queue ticket.

Does it hurt? How much downtime will I need to face?

Using controlled, safe dosages, our treatments are very gentle and result in minimal to no downtime.

Are all PPP doctors from the same medical institution/background?

No, our doctors come from many different medical specialties and backgrounds, such as general practitioners and surgeons. However, they have all undergone prerequisite training and are supervised regularly under Dr. Goh Seng Heng to be equipped with the knowledge of carrying out consistent treatments.

How are PPP doctors trained?

All PPP doctors undergo a course of training at our headquarters and are regularly supervised by a board of senior medical doctors experienced in aesthetic medicine. The training curriculum is designed by our Global Chief Preceptor for all international PPP doctors, Dr. Goh Seng Heng, who developed and refined the PPP Treatment Protocol for Laser and Light since 1992.

Why must I wear safety goggles?

Please understand that all patients are to wear eye goggles for their own protection. Direct exposure to a laser beam will cause eye damage. We have the right to refrain from performing treatment on you if you refuse to wear the safety eye goggles.

Are there any complications and risks from this procedure?

If safety goggles are not worn, exposure to the laser beam can cause blindness (see above), hence following our strict safety protocol is imperative. Being fully aware of possible complications and inconveniences helps our patients understand why the PPP Treatment Protocol is designed as such. For more enquiries about specific complications and risks, speak to any PPP Doctor.

What are the contraindications for this procedure?

If you have any of the following, you may not be suitable for our laser treatments. Please inform our staff and doctor if you have any medical condition, particularly:

  • Epilepsy or a history of fits/seizures in the past.
  • History of previous aesthetic treatments that will incur photodynamic reaction.
  • Gold thread-lift treatments.
  • Tattoo whitening.
  • Internal defibrillator or pace-maker.
  • Third trimester of pregnancy.

Why must treatments be administered by a doctor only?

Our laser technology strictly requires a medical license for operation and therefore can only be used by a qualified and trained doctor.