Health & safety, not artificial beauty

As a medical organisation, we prioritise safety and advocate naturally clean and healthy skin, rather than a quick fix for instant beauty that puts your safety, health and long-term results at risk.

No appointments necessary

For our Laser & Light Cleaning System™, we operate on a walk-in basis meaning you can drop by any outlet at any time that is most convenient for you.

Advanced treatments, technique & technology

At PPP, our treatments and the technique and technology used to administer them are developed by Dr. Goh Seng Heng, a medical officer who has been treating skin since 1984.

No frills, fuss free

To make a traditionally unaffordable procedure accessible to everyone, we removed the unnecessary frills normally found in premium aesthetic services to make the process simpler, more efficient and affordable for everyone.

Less than 5 minutes

We recognise that most people are too busy to dedicate a full hour to a facial. At PPP, our medical laser facials are performed in less than 5 minutes using treatment protocols that optimise results without compromising safety, so finding time in your schedule is easier than ever.

For all skin types

Whether you have normal skin, problematic or diseased skin, our medical laser facials can help you to maintain clear and radiant skin, control skin conditions and improve severe problems.


Lasers are known as the most effective treatment for skin conditions such as pimples, enlarged pores and pigmentation. They are also known to come with a large price tag.
But not anymore.
PPP Laser Clinic is the first-ever aesthetic clinic to offer Singaporeans effective skin treatments with clinically proven results at the cost of a facial.
Affordably priced without compromising quality and safety! For more information about the prices for each treatment session, please drop by the nearest PPP Laser clinic to speak to any one of our staff.